Ely Shoshone Tribe Law and Order Code

 [Last Revised: 2000]

Table of Contents

Title 1 - Tribal Court

Chapter 1-1  Jurisdiction

Chapter 1-2  Court Administration

Chapter 1-3  Juries

Chapter 1-4  Witnesses

Chapter 1-5  Appeals

Title 2 - Civil Procedure for the Tribal Court

Chapter 2-1  Rules of Civil Procedure

Chapter 2-2  Parties to a Civil Proceeding

Chapter 2-3   Judgments


88-EC-IX  Traffic Code

88-EC-X   Crimes and Punishment

88-EC-XI  Criminal Procedure

88-EC-XV  Protection of Children From Abuse and Neglect

88-EC-XVI  Code for Procedure in Juvenile Cases

88-EC-XVII  Reciprocal Enforcement of Support

88-EC-XVIII  Jurisdiction Over Custody of Children (Uniform Act)

88-EC-XXIII  Extradition Code

88-EC-XXV  Bail Schedule