Law and Order Code
Table of Contents

Updated - October 1, 1993


Title I - Tribal Courts
Chapter One - District Court
Chapter Two - Supreme Court
Chapter Three - Court Clerk
Chapter Four - Chief Of The Tribal Police -- Process
Chapter Five - Bonds and Sureties
Chapter Six - Miscellaneous

Title II - Appellate Procedure
Chapter One - Appeals From Judgments and Orders of the Tribal Court
Chapter Two - Extraordinary Writs
Chapter Three - Habeas Corpus; Proceedings in Forma Pauperis
Chapter Four - General Provisions
Attorney Rules

Title III - Civil Procedure
Chapter One - Pleadings, Motions and Orders
Chapter Two - Process, Summons, Filing of Pleadings and Other Papers
Chapter Three - Parties
Chapter Four - Depositions and Discovery
Chapter Five - Witnesses
Chapter Six - Jurors
Chapter Seven - Trials
Chapter Eight - Provisional and Final Remedies and Special Proceedings
Chapter Nine - Judgment
Chapter Ten - Limitation of Actions
Chapter Eleven - Family Relations
Chapter Twelve - Forcible Entry and Detainer
Chapter Thirteen - Habeas Corpus
Chapter Fourteen - Mandamus
Chapter Fifteen - Quo Warranto
Chapter Sixteen - Small Claims Procedure

Title IV - Evidence
Chapter One - General Provisions
Chapter Two - Judicial Notice
Chapter Three - Presumptions
Chapter Four - Relevancy and Its Limits
Chapter Five - Priveleges
Chapter Six - Witnesses
Chapter Seven - Opinions and Expert Testimony
Chapter Eight - Hearsay
Chapter Nine - Authentication and Identification
Chapter Ten - Contents of Writing, Recordings, and Photographs
Chapter Eleven - Miscellaneous Rules

Title V - Criminal Procedure
Chapter One - Preliminary Provisions
Chapter Two - Proceedings Before Trial
Chapter Three - Trial
Chapter Four - Judgment and Sentence
Chapter Five - Appeal
Chapter Six - Other Provisions
Chapter Seven - Bail

Title VI - Criminal Offenses
Chapter One - Crimes Against Property
Chapter Two - Crimes Against Persons
Chapter Three - Inchoate Crimes
Chapter Four - Crimes Against Public Justice
Chapter Five - Crimes Against Public Health, Safety, and Welfare
Chapter Six - Traffic Offenses

Title VII - Juvenile Procedure
Chapter One - General Provisions
Chapter Two - Emergency Custody
Chapter Three - Adjudication
Chapter Four - Disposition
Chapter Five - Child Abuse
Chapter Six - Developing Foster Care Homes
Chapter Seven - Adoptions

Title VIII - Election Ordinance

Title IX - Enrollment Ordinance