Sault St. Marie Chippewa Tribe

Tribal Code

Table of Contents

Constitution and Bylaws

Election Ordinance

Membership Ordinance

Referendum Ordinance

Affirmative Action Plan

Treaty Fishing Rules and Regulations

Hunting and Inland Fishing

Conservation Code

Child Welfare Code

Marriage Ordinance


Personal Protection Orders and Injunctions

Release of Adoption Records

Juvenile Code

Economic Development Commission Charter

Liquor Control Ordinance

Gaming Ordinance

Tribal Tax Code

Waiver of Tribal Immunities and Jurisdiction

in Commercial Transactions

Worker’s Compensation Code

Fire Prevention Ordinance

Animal Control

Limited Care Residential Facilities

Land Use Ordinance

Barring Individuals from Tribal Lands

Tribal Environmental Protection Authority

Permit for Drinking and Wastewater Systems

Criminal Procedure

Criminal Offenses

Motor Vehicle Code

Crime Victims Rights


Sault Ste. Marie Chippewa Tribal Court

Civil Jurisdiction and Procedure


Evictions and Foreclosures

Civil Remedial Forfeiture

Tribal Tort Claims Ordinance

Enforcement of Foreign Court Judgments

Admissions to Practice

Garnishment After Judgement

Housing Authority Ordinance

Building Authority Charter

Utility Authority Ordinance

Compliance with Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act

Gaming Authority Charter

Arbitration Ordinance

Open Meetings Ordinance