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Welcome to the National Tribal Justice Resource Center's Tribal Court Opinion Search Page. Thanks to our cooperative agreement with VersusLaw©, we now have a searchable database of over 1000 Tribal Court opinions, memorandums and orders (click here to view participating Tribal Courts).  In addition, many tribes also publish all or selected court decisions online.  For example, the Ho-Chunk Nation publishes their decisions online.  Other tribal courts online can be found on our site as well, several of those courts also publish their tribal court decisions online.

LAW STUDENTS:  VersusLaw's Law School Program entitles you to free access to the VersusLaw online legal library which includes Tribal Court Decisions, as well as State and Federal Court Decisions and much more, for as long as you are affiliated with your law school.

Disclaimer: The National Tribal Justice Resource Center has attempted to include accurate information on this site, but because of the possibility of human and mechanical error as well as other factors, the Resource Center is not responsible for any errors. Specifically, but without limitation, we cannot warrant the timeliness, accuracy, completeness, performance, or fitness for a particular purpose of this site or of the information it contains, nor can we warrant that this site is error-free in content or in functionality. 

The user is encouraged to contact the particular Tribal Court whose decision you are considering citing to ensure that the decision has not been modified or reversed on appeal and is still good precedent.  These cases are not "Shepardized"; it is the users responsibility to make sure that cases cited are still "good law".

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To search for Tribal or Appellate court opinions, enter your search terms in the following text box and use the drop down list to select your search criteria (i.e.: Search ANY Word, Search ALL Words, and Search EXACT Phrase).


You may also use our predefined search box to search Tribal Court opinions for specific, pre-selected words and phrases. Choose a search phrase from the dropdown list and then select your search criteria. 


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