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On this page, we have compiled an ever growing and changing list of links to resources that tribal justice system personnel may find useful. We have also broken these links to other sites down into a number of categories to better serve you. Since we know that you are often pressed for time, we have sometimes listed a main link in the general category and then have listed a link to a page, within that same link, under a more specific category. We have done this so you will not have to spend as much time searching through links (although it is often beneficial to do so, as the web sites listed are always growing and being revised). 

Hint: You may find it useful to bookmark sites that you find particularly helpful.


General Resources

Court Technology & Automation Info and Sites

Court Forms

Court Job Descriptions

Drug Court Info and Sites

Consultants and Trainers

Victims and Advocates Services

Federal and State Laws

Indian Child Welfare Act

Indian Law Reviews and Periodicals



Research Aids

Tribal Court Professional Associations

Indian Law Associations

Legal Services Corporations


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